Random Ride – Pie in the Sky, Cowan (Xmas New Year break 2015)

Between XMas and new Year in 2015, a small group headed up to Cowan to visit a famous motorcycling location – The Pie in the Sky at Cowan. This group was Harley Mark, Mick, Wayne and Paul.

Paul always wanted to ride across the Harbour Bridge, so we met at McDonald’s Engadine, and headed up through the city. Crossing the Harbour bridge was amazing, a ride everyone has to do at some point.

ScreenHunter_151 Jul. 21 20.03

From there we ventured through Nth Sydney and took a detour via Bobbin Head where we stopped for our first break.

From there we headed to Cowan, and Mick took the lead. As we approached the Cowan turn off, Mick had other ideas (basically he missed the turn). Before we knew it, we were on the F3 headed up to Mooney….WTF??

So we crossed the Mooney Mooney bridge and doubled back via the Old Pacific Highway. well wasn’t that a great run? A beautiful road with symetric twisties all the way the Pie Shop.

ScreenHunter_73 Jul. 15 15.17

If you haven’t had a pie from here, you don’t know what you’re missing. They were bloody awesome.

With full bellies, the plan was to head back into the city for another Harbour Bridge crossing and we would make our way south through the Nation Park to Bald Hill and home from there.

As we crossed the bridge and went under the city north tunnel, and Mick took the lead. Oh Oh! Before you knew it, he turned off at the City, Wooloomooloo exit and Wayne followed him. That would be the last we would see of each other.

Mark and I pulled up at Brighton Le Sands, the next arranged stop with no sign of Wayne or Mick. So we headed back to Mark’s place for an afternoon bevvy and only at that point we made contact with the boys who had headed back down the M5 and home from there.


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