Random Ride #4 – Nerriga (Jan 2016)

Our Nerriga ride was a big day, especially for those who travelled from Sutherland and the Macarthur areas. We were joined for the first time by Alain (who tells me he hasn’t done a lot of group rides), Jason (the t-shirt cafe racer), Marcello (who took on a Comanchero and survived) & Loris (who captured it all on his head). Other regulars included Greg, Ray, Wayne, Kenny & Mick. Joining us along way was Mark, Lee and Klaus.
In total we had 13 riders.

The L-plate numbers dropped by 2 after Greg and Kenny both obtained their provisional licences days prior to the ride. However we have another 2 learners in the wings yet to join us (Allan & Naz) who I’m sure you’ll meet in due course. I look forward to their first ride with us.
The day started (unlike Mark’s Harley). We headed off from Albion Park and rode up the infamous Macquarie Pass. This was a first time for some of the boys as they had only ever ridden down.
It got a little cold on top of the escarpment and as we pulled into the Pie Shop, Jason’s high beams were on (and I’m not talking about his incandescents). We were met by Mick and Wayne here at the pie shop.
ScreenHunter_78 Jul. 15 20.28
ScreenHunter_79 Jul. 15 20.29
We headed off on route to Kangaroo Valley and just before we turned left into Pearsons Lane, Alain and Marcello overtook me and headed straight on. Mmm, looks like they know where they’re going. After a little wait we pressed on, sure to meet the others at the Friendly Inn, Kangaroo Valley (and we did).
ScreenHunter_80 Jul. 15 20.29
ScreenHunter_81 Jul. 15 20.29
ScreenHunter_82 Jul. 15 20.29

A couple of refreshments at the pub and we were onward bound to Bomaderry Macca’s to meet up with Mark who managed to get the big girl started after a short charging period. The run was slow between the Valley and Bomaderry as the group was caught  in behind a caravan for most of the way.

As expected, there was Mark and to our surprise, Klaus and Lee. Lee’s wife Tracey who most of you already know, celebrated her 50th the night before. Happy birthday Tracey from all of us, we look forward to catching up with you on the next ride. Also to Lise who has recently undergone knee surgery, we hope you’re on the mend and back atop the Boulevarde as soon as possible.
Tony who has also missed our last few rides is having major surgery on his bike after a catastrophic engine failure whilst in the middle of nowhere somewhere west of the ocean???? We also hope to see you soon buddy.
From there we headed to Nerriga, and for those who dared, we opened up our machines for a very enjoyable ride to a quaint little pub in the middle of what seemed nowhere (Tony knows the place). On arrival, there were a bunch of bikes already there including one bike  labelled with a familiar sticker on its rear fender. I personally chose not to park it in, but the little bloke with the big rocket had no issues.
So when an unimpressed Comanchero and his mate exited the pub to leave, Marcello quickly moved his arse, and his bike. I’m sure I heard him say, yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. And off they rode into the distance – no stabbings or gunshot wounds. Everyone safe.
ScreenHunter_83 Jul. 15 20.29
ScreenHunter_84 Jul. 15 20.30
After a nice little lunch we headed back towards Nowra and the first fuel stop. Knowing the road back out meant for another very enjoyable 🙂 ride back to Nowra where we all met up again alongside the road at Nowra Airport to ensure everyone was across a change in direction.
It was here that we had our first mishap. Whilst on the BTU road, the entry onto the Princes Highway first took a hard right then a stop. Unfortunately, Jason’s speed was too hot coming into the right hander and he grabbed a mouth full of scrub just before ejection. Fortunately he was unhurt, and the bike wasn’t damaged. Reports had it that Greg and Harley Mark also took that corner the long way around but managed to stay upright.
After a quick fuel stop at South Nowra, we headed off to Jamberoo via Gerringong and Saddleback Mountain. At this point, Mark continued on towards home as we turned off after the Kiama bends.
Klaus decided he wanted to check out the lookout, when everyone else turned right at the entry gate. A short stop and a wait, we headed back down the mountain to our final stop at Jamberoo Pub and last refreshments. From here the group dispersed and we went on our merry ways.
On the way back to Picton, we had our second mishap, with Wayne also taking a corner too fast and wide and he put the big girl down. This happened between Jamberoo and Robertson on the road via Barren Grounds. Good news is that Wayne was not hurt (pride a different story) and the bike suffered some minor damage.
All in all it was a great day and personally one of my favourite rides. I trust you all enjoyed the day given the feedback that filtered through after the ride.

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