Wet Rockets

A known fault with the pre-2009 model Triumph Rockets is the possibility of total ignition failure caused by a poor design with the headlight wiring. Basically, the headlights are wired directly though the ignition switch without the use of any relays. A component in the ignition switch can overheat and ultimately render the whole ignition switch useless.

After Paul bought and installed his headlight relay upgrade kit, Mick rode down to have his installed as well. After this was done, we had a few hours to burn and so we headed off for a ride on a gloomy and overcast Saturday.

ScreenHunter_134 Jul. 20 22.31

What’s better than one motorcycle in your garage?

Mick hadn’t yet tackled the upward leg of Macquarie Pass and so we headed that way. It didn’t look too flash from a distance but we pressed on. About a half way up the Pass, the heavens opened up and for the first time the bikes saw some real weather.

The higher we went, the heavier it got and the visibility became worse. Not only could I not see through a rain soaked visor, it decided to fog up as well. The pace was very slow going up and the fog was that thick, you couldn’t see the Robertson Pie Shop from the road.

So we turned left and headed back down towards Jamberoo. As we reached the steep decline, there was quite a lot of wet leaf and bark litter all over the road. It was a harrowing experience and I couldn’t wait to find some cover.

I was wondering how Mick was going behind me. He was happy with my slow pace and had similar struggles with vision and the like.

At the bottom, the rain eased and we darted across to Jamberoo pub for a cold one. Not the best  conditions for a cold beer but nevertheless we enjoyed the break from the weather.

From there we headed back towards Kiama and headed north via the Minnamurra bends and past Kiama Golf Club. Back towards Shellharbour we then ventured into the Killalea State Park and ‘The Farm’s Surfing Park’ and caught an elevated view back down the coast and a photo opportunity.

From there we headed back into the Shellharbour Village and on through Barrack Point before riding along Lake Illawarra to the SkiWay Park at Oak Flats for another photo opportunity.

ScreenHunter_137 Jul. 20 22.47                    ScreenHunter_138 Jul. 20 22.48

ScreenHunter_139 Jul. 20 22.48

We then headed toward Port Kembla and made our way to the top of Hill 60 and enjoyed 360 degree views of the wider Wollongong area.

ScreenHunter_140 Jul. 20 22.53

From here it was time to part ways, and although we endured some particularly nasty riding conditions, it was also good to experience it all the same (even on a balding rear tyre)….Oops!

Thanks Mick for great morning.



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