Random Ride #2 – Jamberoo (Nov 2015)

Random Ride #2 was the first real group ride and it consisted of 8 riders.

  1. Mick
  2. Klaus
  3. Lee
  4. Tracey
  5. Kenny
  6. Anton
  7. Lise – who met us for lunch at Jamberoo.
  8. Paul

We met at McDonald’s Albion Park Rail and headed up to Robertson via Macquarie Pass. Then onto Kangaroo Valley via Pearsons Lane for a refreshment & bathroom stop. Then we headed towards Berry via the Berry Mountain and made another fuel stop. We then headed out to Gerringong and Kiama Downs before heading up the Saddleback Mountain Lookout for a view over the Illawarra. We then dropped down to Jamberoo Pub via Foutaindale Road and enjoyed lunch at the historic pub.

We were joined at the pub by Paul’s wife Deanna and daughter Kate. Klaus’ wife Lise also met us at the pub for lunch.

Paul decided to ride back up to Picton with the Macarthur riders before heading back down to the Illawarra again.

ScreenHunter_59 Jul. 15 14.03

The ride itself covered 129kms / 2hrs 31mins saddle time. That doesn’t include the travel times to and from the start and end points.

A good time was had by all, and from here rides became more frequent.


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