Random Ride #3 – St.Albans (Dec 2015)

This ride was a massive day and goes down as one of the biggest rides organised so far. There were 4 meeting points for this ride. Wollongong, Engadine, Narellan and Windsor.

The Illawarra riders (Paul, Greg, Ray, Kenneth, Marcello & Loris) met at IMB Wollongong and headed to the Macarthur meeting point at Macca’s Narellan. Marcello and Loris only went as far as Appin. The rest of the group were met by Mick, Wayne, Lee, Tracey, Klaus, Lise and their son as a passenger. From the Sutherland Shire, Harley Mark and his two Harley mates made their way up to Windsor to meet the group.

At this point we had 13 riders, and two had dropped off.

From Windsor, the group headed north to Wiseman’s Ferry via Pitt Town and Maroota. At Wisemans Ferry, we crossed the river on a car ferry, which was a unique experience.

ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 15 14.38

ScreenHunter_63 Jul. 15 14.38

ScreenHunter_61 Jul. 15 14.37

ScreenHunter_164 Jul. 23 17.24

Once we disembarked the ferry, we enjoyed a 21km stretch of twisties that would take approx 40 minutes to reach our lunch destination at the Settlers Arms Inn, St Albans.

ScreenHunter_65 Jul. 15 14.46

ScreenHunter_66 Jul. 15 14.46

ScreenHunter_67 Jul. 15 14.47

With full bellies and a couple of beers, we made our way back to the ferry. From all reports the ride back to  the ferry was quite enjoyable and a little bit quicker than on the way in.

We then turned off and headed towards Sackville and Wilberforce before arriving at Windsor from another direction. We would then head south for a final refreshment stop at the Wallacia Pub.

ScreenHunter_68 Jul. 15 14.52

ScreenHunter_69 Jul. 15 14.53

ScreenHunter_70 Jul. 15 14.53

From here the Harley’s stayed back and enjoyed another beer while the rest of the group set off for home. A very long day for everyone.

For me, coming from Shellharbour, the total distance of the ride was 420kms or 7hrs 52mins in the saddle. A massive day, but totally enjoyed the company, the roads and the stops along the way.

ScreenHunter_71 Jul. 15 15.04


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