Random Ride #5 – Kurrajong (Feb 2016)

This ride was organised by Klaus, and he assumed the role of Ride Captain/Ride Leader for the day. He did a wonderful job with setting the ride, booking the tables for lunch and conducting a safety briefing just prior to the group setting off.

We were joined for the first time By Karin Kennedy onboard her mighty scooter. Credit to her and her bike, she had no problems keeping up with group and maintaining formation.

The meeting point for the ride was The George IV Hotel, Picton. It would see us ride to Kurrajong Heights via The Oaks, Theresa Park, Silverdale, Glenmore Park, Springwood, Hawkesbury Heights & Yarramundi.

Our first stop was at the Prime Service Station in Silverdale for a quick rest and fuel stop. On the way through we experienced the wild storms from the night before as we rode through Brownlow Hill & Theresa Park with a lot of fallen debris all over the roads.

ScreenHunter_88 Jul. 17 10.11

ScreenHunter_89 Jul. 17 10.12

We then headed up to Springwood for a short refreshment / bathroom stop and then made our way to Kurrajong Heights for lunch. At Richmond North, we encountered a bit of traffic and the group became separated. As we hit the Bells Line of Road, Karin lead the second group. We assumed she knew where she was going but this was later realised when we started seeing the Bilpin sign and mileage indicators to Mudgee.

We pulled over and made contact with the group. It took us nearly 10 minutes to head back to the hotel which was named the Archibald Hotel (not the City View Bar & Grill as per our itinerary).

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch. The meals were freak’n large.

With full bellies, we set off in an easterly direction to hook up with The Putty Road and on to Wilberforce via Ebenezer for another bathroom and fuel stop.

ScreenHunter_92 Jul. 17 10.29

As Ride Captain, Klaus offered his place at Douglas Park as our final stop for the ride. We made our way there via Windsor and the old Northern Road and looped around via Kirkham, Camden, Cawdor and the Old Razorback Road and before heading down to ‘Douggo’ from there. Along the way (Luddenham) Karin and Alain peeled off and headed home.

We enjoyed a final beer/soft drink in the company of Klaus’ family and beautiful property which ended another big day on the road. Again, thanks to Klaus for arranging the ride.

ScreenHunter_94 Jul. 17 10.36  ScreenHunter_93 Jul. 17 10.36





Google Map

ScreenHunter_95 Jul. 17 10.37




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