Random Ride #6 – Berrima (Mar 2016)

Our 6th Random Ride took us on a big loop from Bowral to Kiama and back up again to Berrima.

ScreenHunter_103 Jul. 17 18.38

The group met at Bowral, which is pretty much equidistant from the Macarthur and Illawarra regions. Joining us for this ride were Paul, Mick, Wayne, Klaus, Karin, Lee, Tracey & Kenneth. First time Randoms were Allan (Kawasaki Ninja 300) and Marcelo (Triumph Thruxton).

We set off for our ride to Kiama with a brief stop at the Jamberoo Lookout and lovely lass was kind enough to take a group photograph.

ScreenHunter_77 Jul. 15 17.50

In another photo, I saw something quite funny that I had to share with you. I thought Allan’s bike was green? Or is he just green with envy?


ScreenHunter_104 Jul. 17 18.50

And some more pics at the lookout.

ScreenHunter_105 Jul. 17 19.10 ScreenHunter_106 Jul. 17 19.10

ScreenHunter_107 Jul. 17 19.10 ScreenHunter_108 Jul. 17 19.10

ScreenHunter_109 Jul. 17 19.10

ScreenHunter_110 Jul. 17 19.11

ScreenHunter_111 Jul. 17 19.11

We made our way down to Jamberro via Barren Grounds and proceeded through Jamberoo to Kiama and the Blow Hole. And more photographs.

OK no more photos. We then retraced our path back to Jamberoo and headed in towards Albion Park for a Fuel and Bathroom stop. Then we head to Berrima via Macquarie Pass, Fitzroy Falls,  skirted around Moss Vale and on to Berrima.

By that didn’t go as planned as the tailing group turned off at Nowra Road while the rest of us headed on to avoid Mossy. At the end of the day, both parties continued on and we met at the Hotel at Berrima.

Well I forgot to book a table didn’t I? Didn’t matter as we found two tables and enjoyed lunch all the same.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early to pick my daughter up from work. The rest of us made our way home from there.



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