Random Ride #7 – Kangaroo Valley (July 2016)

Random Ride #7 took us along familar routes South of the Illawarra. This time the group met at the Mount Keira lookout. Planned stops included The Robertson Pie Shop, Kangaroo Valley (lunch), Berry and finally Jamberoo.

Participating riders included Paul, Mick, Wayne, Greg, Anton, Allan, Marcelo and first time rider Nasir (Naz) onboard his shiny red Honda CBR500R. Naz is a mate of Allan’s and both these blokes got their L’s and P’s at the same time. We also saw the return of Anton and his KTM Adventurer that was off the road for some time getting a major overhaul.

Mount Keira was bloody cold as we waited for Marcelo to arrive. He arrived on his new Triumph Tiger and Anton quickly ribbed him for not having nobby tyres.

We headed off down the twisties of Mt Keira and made our way along the Princes Highway past Kembla Grange and on to Dapto before making a right to head through the back of Yallah and on to Calderwood. Here the strangest thing happened. All riders but me, noticed we were being followed by what looked to be a police chopper. It maneouvered on top of us, behind us and to the side obviously to get a good look at what we were about. As we weren’t wearing any kind of patch, no harley’s present, and led by an absolute champion looking bloke on his machine, the fuzz darted away with the confidence we weren’t any trouble.

images (3)

At one point Anton thought the side of the road was a much better option but when it ran out, the tar took us on up the Pass to the Robbo Pie Shop where for the first time, someone actually ate a pie.

We watched a bunch of Harley riders leave the pie shop with attitude. They were followed by some nice looking sports bikes, one of which left on his back wheel.  That was impressive.

We then headed off towards Robertson and across to Fitzroy Falls via Pearsons Lane, a route we have taken numerous times before but never tire of it.

The group made its way down to Kangaroo Valley for,our lunch stop at the Friendly Inn. After a cold ride down the mountain, we made our way inside to a toasty warm bar and enjoyed our lunch meals and refreshments. We had a bunch of laughs with the hotel staff and the company as usual was great.

I gave the go ahead and we ventured back outside to make our way to Berry. The road was clear and I led the way with Marcelo and Anton hot on my tail. Anton pulled over to guide the group at the next turn and Mercelo and I pressed on to Bomaderry and headed back in towards Berry. We pulled over at a Servo across the road and waited for the group to arrive.

But they didn’t and we got worried so we headed back up the mountain to see what the delay was. But there was noone to be seen. Turns out when the group got to the Princes Highway, some bright spark thought it a good idea to head south towards Nowra. And the group followed.

While they were turning around, Marcelo and I had headed off in search of the group and we missed them all together.

So it turns out that I was the bright spark who didn’t wait for the group before the next turn and we became separated. We finally met back up in Berry after taking the long route around where the group laid waiting for us at the back of the Berry Pub. Silly us!

So after we regathered, we headed north out of Berry back along the Princes Highway. As we reached Kiama we turned off at Kiama Downs and hit the Saddleback Mountain Road. At the top we turned right and headed down Fountaindale Rd to just East of Jamberoo. We made our way into Jamberoo for our last stop of the day and some refreshments.

As we all pulled over to manoeuvre into our parking positions, Anton decided he’d mount the gutter and chuck a U-ey rather then reverse into position. Somehow, the bike slipped from under him and he laid the big girl down on the pavement before rolling back onto the road and meeting Naz’s front tyre. We got in to help him lift the bike back up and fortunately he was unhurt. His pride a different matter though. Lucky he had nobbys 🙂

So, we enjoyed our last drinks and the group separated and made their way home, safely.







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