Random Ride #10 – Pie in the Sky, Cowan.

Five Randoms Riders made their way to Cowan between Christmas and New Year to cap off 2016. Those riders were Harley Mark, Harley Croppy (who joined us on the St.Albans ride), Kenneth, Allan and Paul.

The Wollongong lads met at Cholesterol Corner at Fairymeadow before meeting the Sutherland boys at Macca’s Engadine. In true form, Mark who lived the closest was the last to arrive.

We set of at around 9.30am and headed into the city via Taren Point, Brighton Le Sands and the Airport Tunnel. Traffic was quite heavy and I as we approached the tunnel, I didn’t get over to the left in time and we were bound to Botany. Mick would’ve been proud of me leading the group astray but we found an exit and safely joined the flow of traffic towards the city.

We continued along the Eastern Distributor (ED) and navigated successfully to the Bradfield Highway before crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We then headed up the Pacific Highway via North Sydney and we met some heavy traffic along this section of the trip. It was a hot day and the lads on their air cooled Harley’s really felt it (not that the Triumph, Honda and Kawasaki didn’t either).

After what felt like an hour sitting in traffic, we finally hit the F3 and opened the machines up to highway speed on route to Mooney, our scheduled stop after leaving Engadine.

After a well earnt break at Croppy’s ‘Secret River’, we looped back onto the Old Pacific Highway and headed south through some awesome twisties and shortly after arrived at The Pie in the Sky, Cowan. Of course nothing had changed since we last visited this place 12 months ago to the day with Mick, Mark, Wayne and myself.

The pies, sausage rolls and Croppy’s pie peas and chips did the trick and we headed back towards Hornsby and home along the same route. Allan and Croppy (Andrew) peeled off at Kogarah and Taren Point respectively. the remaining 3 continued to the top of The Boulevarde for a rest stop where we discussed a ride through the National Park and an ice cream at Bald Hill. Kenneth decided to head straight down the highway and home to Wollongong leaving Mark and Paul to decide whether to continue through the Nasho.

We decided to retrace our steps of last year and headed back to Mark’s for a couple of coldies to round out the day.

Big thanks to the guys who participated in the Cowan ride. It was a great day and the start of a tradition for every Chrissy/New Year Break me thinks.

Hope to catch y’all soon…Stay upright…Paul.


3 thoughts on “Random Ride #10 – Pie in the Sky, Cowan.

  1. Sorry guys, wont be able to make this one…. gotta do some family time.
    Look forward to the write up and pics, and cant wait for the next ride!!!

    Best wishes to all for xmas and the new year.



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