Random Ride #11 – Nerriga

Random Ride No.11 was the first ride for 2017 and what a turnout! 22 Bikes in all.

  1. Paul – Triumph Rocket III
  2. Mick – Triumph Rocket III
  3. Mark – Harley
  4. Marcelo – Triumph Tiger
  5. Greg – Kawasaki 300
  6. Al – Kawasaki 300
  7. Ray Kawasaki 300
  8. Nas – Honda CBR500R
  9. Wayne – Hyosung Aquila 650
  10. Adrian – Yamaha V-Star 650
  11. Anton – KTM 990
  12. Anton – Honda CBR1000RR
  13. Klaus – Suzuki Hyabusa
  14. Steve – Honda CBR1100XX
  15. Tom – Honda CBR1100XX
  16. Jake – Suzuki GSX600
  17. Roy – Suzuki GSX1000
  18. Paul – Yamaha VStar
  19. Vena – Kawasaki Vulcan
  20. Phillip – Honda
  21. Susan – Suzuki
  22. A Dude with a beard – Honda VF250

Half of the group met at Albion Park Macca’s and we headed up to Robbo to meet the second half of the group, all coming from the Macarthur area. This was the most we have ever had on one of our rides and a big thankyou to Marcelo who acted as the sweep for the day ensuring everyone arrived at our stops safely.

During the ride up the pass, we got caught behind some cars which ‘deadened’ the experience a bit. Most importantly everyone arrived safely.

Our group of 11 then became 22 and we headed from Robbo to Kangaroo Valley via Wildes Meadow. Wayne left us at that point and headed back home to Picton. The temperature dropped to the mid teens at the top and the ride across that section was quite eerie but pleasurable at the same time.

The run down to Kangaroo Valley was uninterrupted and the convoy arrived at the Friendly Inn shortly before 10am. The doors opened and we flooded in for refreshments. 10am beers are the same as 12pm beers in my opinion. At KV, the group started to mingle and we chatted with the new riders. We had 2 lady riders in the group too, it’s always great to see the girls out enjoying their machines too.

Adrian AKA the ‘Phat Cruiser’ joined us for the first time and captured video moments along the way. You can check out Phat Cruiser’s Youtube channel and the numerous motovlogs he has produced along the way. I would invite you to subscribe to the Phat’s channel and support his weekly videos. He has produced Part 1 of this ride and has uploaded to his channel already. Part 2 will be uploaded in the coming weeks. See below.

Phat Cruiser – Nerriga Part 1

We departed KV towards Nowra. Phat set himself up the road to capture footage of the convoy riding by. For some reason, the first rider didn’t want to lead us off and pulled up right in front of Phat. Of course everyone else pulled over too and the video opportunity was lost.

I pulled the group into the Shell Select at Nowra South for those who missed any opportunity to refuel. I suggested to Phat that I’d pull the group up at the beginning of Braidwood Road and he could setup again. This time, as we turned into the famous BTU Road, Anton changed course and Mick followed. Once again, with Mick up front, it went downhill leaving those 2 pork chops to deal with a small section of dirt road to regroup.

Leaving them to their devices, I lead the group to HMAS Albatross and then to Braidwood Road. Phat continued on and setup and this time he got his shot (minus the 2 adventurer riders). This should appear in Part 2 of Phat’s Nerriga ride.

And so the 60km journey to Nerriga began. Double demerit points meant a higher risk of getting caught speeding so we progressed while maintaining the speed limit (mostly). Fortunately for all, this strategy paid off when a mobile speed camera was spotted along the way.

As we entered into the township of Nerriga, memories of the ‘hidden’ bump came back to haunt us. Al was busting at the seams at this point after drinking 2 litres of water from his hydro pack. That bump saw him needing to get off the bike to rid himself of those 2 litres. Mick and Anton  had already arrived.


Ahead of schedule, we departed Nerriga. The Macarthur group chose to head back along the Hume to avoid the traffic we encountered at Nowra, and departed to the south. The Illawarra and Sutherland riders headed back up Braidwood Road and waved to that same copper along the way.

To avoid the traffic, we headed into the Nowra CBD and hit the traffic just short of the Shoalhaven River. This was a good move as we managed to avoid any massive delays.

On to Berry and towards Kiama, we waved off Harley Mark and Marcelo and the rest of the group headed on to Jamberoo for the final stop of the ride. One last refreshment there and the day was done.

A big thanks to all the new riders who joined us. Hope to see you back again on the next ride. Big thanks to Adrian (Phat) for the video footage and the commentary.

Until next time, stay upright.





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