Random Ride #12 – Wiseman’s Ferry

The group hadn’t ridden since February (Nerriga) and this planned ride was cancelled initially due to poor weather. Mother Nature was smiling on this day, and we enjoyed beautiful weather all day, albeit a bit chilly in places.

9 randoms (+1) participated in this ride (Tom and his daughter Christie [Honda], Steve [Honda], Al [Kawasaki], Nas [Honda], Greg [Kawasaki], Mick [Triumph], Wayne [Harley], Marcello [Triumph] and myself [Triumph]).

The Illawarra riders set off from Fairymeadow shortly after 7.30am. On my arrival, I was nearly taken out by a young P-Plater on the roundabout approaching the initial meeting point . Great way to start the day!

It was rather pleasant in the Gong, but once we crossed the Nepean River at Maldon, the temperature dropped suddenly and it brought back memories from my winter days living in Picton. That was confirmed when we spotted ice on top of the cars on approach to the town centre. For the first time, we had bike to bike comms with myself, Marcello, Al and Nas. The technology was too much for Mick as all he wanted was to do was to listen to Spice Girls and Justin Beiber.

We pulled into Maccas in Picton, where we met Mick and Wayne, who pulled up on his shiny new Harley Roadster. A few of us threw our legs over the beast – what a beautiful machine. Well done on your purchase [H.F] 🙂


With the group finally set, we headed west from Picton along Barkers Lodge Road before heading north and riding through The Oaks, Silverdale, Wallacia, Glenmore Park and on to Penrith Macca’s for a leg stretch and a catch-up. Loads of other bikes and cool cars also stopped here so it was a great machine perv.

The next leg had us continuing north towards Windsor. A few of us topped up the tanks along the way, and we headed to Sackville for a ferry crossing over the Hawkesbury.

sackville ferry


Then we upped the ante’. As we headed towards Wiseman’s Ferry, we took a detour and turned a 25km leg into a 35km leg and followed the river all the way to our lunch destination. We experienced potholes, dirt patches, wet road, mossy and dry roads along the way, some sections too narrow for 2 cars let alone a car and a bike. It was quite technical in some sections, all riders proceeding with caution along this route. On arrival, it appeared that everyone enjoyed that stretch of winding road with the exception of the 2 short sections of gravel.

Along the route I was intercom connected with Marcello and Nas and was able to warn them on the various conditions along the way. If you’re thinking about getting connected, I highly recommend this, mainly for the safety factor.

Finally we arrived at Wiseman’s Ferry and made our way to the Wiseman’s Inn Hotel where we enjoyed a nice bistro lunch (Schnitties, chicken pot-pie’s and fish ‘n’ chips I saw amongst the dishes). The pub was grand with exposed sandstone walls and hardwood timber featured in the bars. Established in 1827, the building sits on the banks of the Hawkesbury and was a hive of activity, as expected, for a Sunday lunch.


With beers and full bellies, we headed home. Our next stop, Wallacia Hotel where Tom, Christie and Steve continued on. We eyed off a couple of Night Rods with fat rear tyres and what looked a tin of fish on wheels, or a single rear wheel Morgan.


We departed Wallacia, and opened the taps along Greendale Road and returned to the Northern Road at Bringelly. We headed towards Narellan where Mick peeled off and onwards to Picton where Greg shooted off and the King turned off to home. This left Nas, Al, Marcelo and myself to top up the tanks for the hour long journey home.

From all accounts, a great day was had by all. The route (for me being one of the farthest south) covered a total of 402kms and 6hrs 40mins total ride time. A massive day.

Thanks to all who participated. Great to see everyone arriving home safe and sound.







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