On the 5th July 2015, Paul ‘Funky’ Cudina and Mick ‘Sandra’ Bullock met up with ‘Lethal’ Lee Morgan and his mate Klaus Mogensen at the George IV Inn, Picton NSW.

ScreenHunter_57 Jul. 15 12.34

After a hearty lunch and a couple of beers, we rode out to the Burragorang Valley and back towards Camden.

ScreenHunter_117 Jul. 19 19.11 ScreenHunter_118 Jul. 19 19.11

This was the first time Paul & Mick’s Rockets were together after they practically bought them at the same time.

ScreenHunter_119 Jul. 19 19.11

After a taste of group riding, we promised each other we’d do that again. Hence, Random Rides was created.

There is no specific skill level of type of bike needed to join our Random Rides. We have both ladies and gents, learner & provisional riders and we even welcome the odd Harley Davidson rider.

The group tries to meet roughly on a monthly basis, or when someone decides to plan a ride. Given our regular riders come from the Illawarra, Macarthur & Sutherland regions, it’s difficult to establish a common meeting place so this can vary at times. We usually organise full day rides but try to avoid legs of more than an hour.

All rides ensure a stop at a local pub for lunch and refreshments. Sufficient stops are planned for bathroom breaks, sufficient rest and refueling.

Safety is paramount to the group. All riders should be aware of our ‘Guidelines for Group Riding‘. We respect all skill levels.

All riders should have sufficient road service/emergency pickup arrangements in place before participating in Random Rides.


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