Random Ride #10 – Pie in the Sky, Cowan.

Five Randoms Riders made their way to Cowan between Christmas and New Year to cap off 2016. Those riders were Harley Mark, Harley Croppy (who joined us on the St.Albans ride), Kenneth, Allan and Paul.

The Wollongong lads met at Cholesterol Corner at Fairymeadow before meeting the Sutherland boys at Macca’s Engadine. In true form, Mark who lived the closest was the last to arrive.

We set of at around 9.30am and headed into the city via Taren Point, Brighton Le Sands and the Airport Tunnel. Traffic was quite heavy and I as we approached the tunnel, I didn’t get over to the left in time and we were bound to Botany. Mick would’ve been proud of me leading the group astray but we found an exit and safely joined the flow of traffic towards the city.

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Random Ride #8 – Taralga (Jul 2016)

The July ride to Taralga hosted 15 randoms – Klaus, Lee, Anton, Paul, Greg, Ray, Kenneth, Alan, Nas, Marcelo, Marcello, Loris, Harry, Steve & Tom.

Loris arrived on a new bike, a white Yamaha V-Star 650 with lots of shiny bits (a nice upgrade from the Laro250). We were also joined by brothers Steve and Tom (introduced by Marcello) who both rode Honda CBX1100’s. Also joining us for the first time was Harry (introduced by Greg). Harry, along with a few of us, works at the IMB and he rides a Yamaha V-Star 250.

The Illawarra riders met at KFC Albion Park but left a little late after Ray’s bike was parked in and he couldn’t wake anyone to move their cars. Marcello volunteered to be the Sweep Rider for the day and after our safety briefing we hit the road.

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Random Ride #5 – Kurrajong (Feb 2016)

This ride was organised by Klaus, and he assumed the role of Ride Captain/Ride Leader for the day. He did a wonderful job with setting the ride, booking the tables for lunch and conducting a safety briefing just prior to the group setting off.

We were joined for the first time By Karin Kennedy onboard her mighty scooter. Credit to her and her bike, she had no problems keeping up with group and maintaining formation. Continue reading

Random Ride #3 – St.Albans (Dec 2015)

This ride was a massive day and goes down as one of the biggest rides organised so far. There were 4 meeting points for this ride. Wollongong, Engadine, Narellan and Windsor.

The Illawarra riders (Paul, Greg, Ray, Kenneth, Marcello & Loris) met at IMB Wollongong and headed to the Macarthur meeting point at Macca’s Narellan. Marcello and Loris only went as far as Appin. The rest of the group were met by Mick, Wayne, Lee, Tracey, Klaus, Lise and their son as a passenger. From the Sutherland Shire, Harley Mark and his two Harley mates made their way up to Windsor to meet the group. Continue reading