Kenny’s first ride

Kenneth purchased a shiny Honda CBR500R shortly after acquiring his L’s. He had it delivered to his unit which had a basement car park. Kenny’s wife Nhi (a work colleague of mine), approached me one day to ask if I could help him out.

Turns out that Kenny had been learning to ride in the carpark for weeks but had never ventured out onto the road. The reason for this is that he couldn’t get up the steep ramp to exit the building. He had tried once but half way up didn’t maintain speed and correct gear selection and he stepped off the bike.


This was around the same time when Mick and I were looking to purchase our bikes and once the purchase was made, I headed over to help Kenny out of the garage. After a couple of runs up and down the ramp and Kenny’s confidence back up, we ventured out on the road and with Kenny in tow, we rode around the back streets of Wollongong and headed up to Bald Hill.

ScreenHunter_0012 2016-07-22 08.59

A couple of weeks later, our planned Random Ride #2 was set to occur and I wanted to ride the course ahead of time. So I gave Kenny a buzz and he was keen as mustard to join me.

The journey would take us from Albion Park – Robertson (via Macquarie Pass) – Kangaroo Valley – Berry – Gerringong – Saddleback Mountain – Jamberoo Pub (for lunch).

A big ride for Kenny but he handled it really well and had the confidence to join us in the group ride.

Since then Kenny has acquired his Provisional licence and his confidence and riding skills have grown exponentially. On one of recent rides, he was in my rear view mirror a lot and other riders have commented on how his riding has improved.

Kenny is a regular Random Rider and a well liked member of the group. He has aspirations for a Super Sports….Look out when that happens!



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