Rider Bio – Greg

Nickname: Greggo

Your bike’s Year, Make, Model & Size: 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300cc

ScreenHunter_0022 2016-07-22 11.56

Mods & Accessories: The rider

Your Bike’s style: Sports

Helmet Make: Shark c900

ScreenHunter_0021 2016-07-22 11.55

Your next bike would be?: Honda VFR800

ScreenHunter_0020 2016-07-22 11.47

Previously Owned Bikes?: Nil

Tell us a bit about yourself, your bike and how you got involved with Random Rides.: I considered getting my motorcycle licence for the best part of 15 years, then motivated by our friend Ray getting his licence, I decided to finally tick this one off my ‘bucket list’, obtaining my learners permit in October 2015. Better late than never!

The day I completed the RMS pre-learners course was extremely busy. Finish course…tick, get licence updated at nearest RMS office…tick, go to bank…tick, go to bike shop and purchase Ninja…tick! No looking back now. I obtained my provisional licence early January 2016. 

ScreenHunter_88 Jul. 17 10.11

I feel fortunate being part of the Random Riders and really look forward to the events, It’s always a fantastic day out with an awesome group of like-minded individuals. 

Member Since (Your First Random Ride)?: #3 – St Albans (Dec 2015)