Rider Bio – Paul

Nickname: Funky

Your bike’s Year, Make, Model & Size: 2006 Triumph Rocket III Classic 2300cc

ScreenHunter_157 Jul. 23 17.03 My favourite review of this bike, he nails it.

Mods & Accessories: 

Easter Beaver Headlight Relay Kit
12V Power Socket w- USB adapter
Genuine Triumph Sports Screen
Blacked out Radiator Grilles
Custom MJM Dual Seat
Custom METCRUZE Croc Leather Single Seat
Kiwav Chrome Mirrors
LED Rear Turn Indicators
Chrome Engine Bars
Genuine Leather Tank Protector w/pocket
Genuine Triumph Fuel & Clock Gauges 
Quick Release Sissy System
Sissy Bar w/Back Rest and Luggage Rack
Genuine Leather Saddle Bags
MS320 Motorcycle Dolly
SENA 3S-WB Bluetooth Headset & Intercom Kit

Your Bike’s style: Cruiser

Helmet Make: 

Kabuto Aeroblade III / RJays Sturgis Open Face

ScreenHunter_0024 2016-07-22 12.06  ScreenHunter_166 Jul. 23 19.15

Your next bike would be?: BMW K1600 GT Tourer or a R1200 GS Adventurer (probably the latter).

Previously Owned Bikes?: 

ScreenHunter_0028 2016-07-22 12.19 Honda VF500F (Sport)
ScreenHunter_0030 2016-07-22 12.24 Honda XR250RF (Road/Trail)
ScreenHunter_0031 2016-07-22 12.26 Honda CR125RE (Motocross)
ScreenHunter_0032 2016-07-22 12.28  Yamaha YZ80H (Motocross)

Tell us a bit about yourself, your bike and how you got involved with Random Rides.: 

I rode Motocross bikes from about the age of 16. Bought my YZ80H with the money earnt from a casual job and later progressed to a bigger 125cc bike (Honda CR)

ScreenHunter_168 Jul. 23 19.25 Oberon – late 80’s

then got my L’s so I bought the XR250 Road Trail bike.

I bought my first sports bike (VF500F) in my early 20’s but I got banged up pretty badly after hitting a dog whilst wearing very little protective gear (shorts and a t-shirt). I had a premonition on this particular day that riding wasn’t a good idea. So I hopped off bike and drove to work instead. On the way in I had a head on collision in the car. Whilst I wasn’t badly hurt, that was a sign for me and the bike was sold.

So I hadn’t ridden for over 20 years and the mid-life crisis started. My great old mate Harley Mark gave me a ride on his V-Star one day and that sparked the interest again. He kept on at me….when are you getting a bike?..when are you getting a bike? The Mrs was having none of it.

Some years on, built our new home, then my old golfing buddy Mick and I started chatting about bikes and we both realized we shared a liking to the Triumph brand of bikes. I really liked the Thunderbird after I test rode it one day. Here are the memories of that day. I involved the family and they all got the opportunity to ride the bike (as pillions). This was a 1600cc and plenty of grunt. I just didn’t like the location of the instruments being on the tank. Otherwise, it was a good fit for me.

After spotting a Triumph Rocket in the same bike shop near my work place, it had me intrigued. A 2300cc triple that claimed 200nM torque at 2500rpm….wtf??? I gotta ride this thing. So I did one lunchtime at work. Here’s me (stationery) and the test bike.

Mick also hadn’t ridden a Rocket and test rode the same bike a day later. We met at the golf club to discuss our findings over a beer. And that’s when the love affair started with the Rocket and within 2 weeks, and a road trip to Newcastle, both Mick and I had bought our Rockets. Riding has taken over my love affair of golf.

Since buying the Trumpy, I’ve been making small mods to the bike and making it my own. Nothing more to spend I said to the wife!

I love the fact that it can be a big old dog when I want it to be but if I open her up, she becomes an angry torque monster with so much power it wants to rip my arms off ! I love it and quite often I find myself smiling under my helmet and laughing out loud. That’s why I ride…

I’m proud to be one of the four Random Rides Founders and I thoroughly enjoy every group ride (especially the new friendships we make). I enjoy organising and leading the group rides but I’d also like to sit back every now and then and just follow.

Member Since (Your First Random Ride)?: #1 – Burragorang Valley (July 2015)