What is Counter Steering?

Counter steering comes into effect once the bike is rolling and balance is required to stay upright. So don’t you simply steer your motorcycle by turning the bars to point the front wheel the way you want to go? Or by leaning the bike over, it will simply go that way?

The answer to both questions is NO and this article will not only explain counter-steering, it will describe how you can use counter-steering to save your life.

OK so what is counter-steering? Check out this video and you’ll be convinced at around 3:30sec that you actually steer left to turn right and vice versa.


Interesting Right? At 7:50sec it touches on how you can use counter-steering to get yourself out of trouble and at around 12:50sec, it touches on some cornering techniques we spoke about in the Intermediate Cornering Skills section.

I like this video as it’s not too technical but he demonstrates it well.

Remember, practice, practice, practice.